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"Customer service is real and able to solve issues immediately or within 24 hours.  Based on my experience so far, I would recommend this program without any reservations."
-Joselin Pena

"ChurchPal has been tried and tested by many church and conference treasurers who speak highly of its easy to use approach, excellent statement presentation and a host of other benefits.   The audit process is more effecient because ChurchPal creates a more complete audit trail."
-Richard Novelesky
Conference Treasurer

"ChurchPal rocks....It is only the best accounting program for treasurers out there.  To all Adventist churches/treasurers, ChurchPal is the only way to go."
-Linda Thompson
Church Treasurer

"I have used other church remittance software programs but have found ChurchPal to best meet my needs.  We now have all our Churches within our Conference using ChurchPal."
-Ed Sharpe
Conference Treasurer

"Excellent and user friendly"
-Rogelio Taer
Associate Conference Treasurer

"I would strongly recommend ChurchPal to any incoming or existing treasurer.  From what I can see, the features are more user friendly than [name removed].  I can't wait to see the next major update."
-Ruben Robinson Sr.
Church Treasurer 

 "Let me begin by  saying, when I first became a treasurer, I was using [name removed] and became very comfortable with it.  A year or two later, I was introduced to ChurchPal, and what can I say other than I love it!  Have you ever had numerous departments ask for a report of their (each department's) total? Well through the ability to group and subgroup accounts, I am now able to provide a customized report that groups that information together I love it!"
-Doris Counts
Church Treasurer  

I have been a Treasurer for 9 years and started out using the manual system. I was introduced to ChurchPal about 5 years into my position and I love it! The software is so user friendly. My reports and presentation are always perfect! I never had issues with the program. Unfortunately my computer crashed. It took a few months to get a replacement computer but I finally did. I had to contact ChurchaPal to obtain download access of the software to the new computer. I was amazed by the exceptional service I received from Raveen Pal. I received permission with an ID and password in less than 24 hours. I did everything I could but couldn't seem to get the program to work. I reached out to Raveen. Although it is Sunday, the time we dedicate to our families, he took the time from his busy schedule and remote accessed my computer. We couldn't get access to the flash drive I had my information on. After a silent prayer I checked my other drive and thankfully I had backed up all my entries to 2 flash drives (something I didn't remember doing) so he was able to get me back into the system. He never gave up and patiently worked with me until he knew I had access. I am truly thankful for the ChurchPal program and for the Great Service I received from Raveen. I highly recommend ChurchPal to all Treasurers in the world. They will never be short of having a perfect job done!
-Keisha Henry
Church Treasurer
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